Courtney Keys

Courtney and her husband Adam live in Austin, Texas, despite Courtney's constant protests about this fact.

Courtney has been involved in agility since 2008, when she started taking classes with her dachshund Thor. 

She's an agility judge for USDAA, UKI and TDAA. Hire her - she has a lot of free time.

She currently runs Francine, who is not a Pembroke with a tail, but a very small Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

They compete in USDAA, AKC and UKI.

Fran is a USDAA national finalist, a UKI national champion, and a 2015 IFCS world team member.

Fran is very naughty in life, but very honest in the agility ring.

A reiki practitioner said Fran has "the sweetest soul."

And also the loudest bark.

And the bossiest bossing.

Courtney's pack also consists of three dachshunds - Napoleon, Thor and Fred - and a new little Muppet mutt dog named Walter, who will hopefully become a talented little agility Muppety mutt dog someday.



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Emily Hurt

Emily Hurt and her husband Jeff live in Allen, Texas with their eight dogs. Yes, 8.

Ivie (14yo BC), Madison (13yo JRT), Josefin (9yo BC), Felicity (6yo BC), Ricochet (4yo BC), Artemus (4yo rescue All-American), Millicent (2yo rescue Pomeranian), & Oliver (Baby Border Collie born January 2015).

Jeff is an ER Nurse and very supportive of Emily's agility escapades. 

Emily discovered agility in 2003 with her JRT. She got her first Border Collie in 2006.

She used to be a Civil Engineer, but retired at 27 and now teaches dog agility at All Fur Fun in Addison, Texas. She specializes in motivating, speeding up, and injecting joy into dogs. Her students can be seen smiling, laughing, and celebrating with their dogs regardless of the outcome of a single run in competition.

Emily is a Masters Judge for USDAA, and also a UKI judge. Her courses are fun.

She also served as coach for Team New Zealand at the 2012 IFCS World Championships and 2013 IFCS Continental Championship of The Americas, while Josie and Rikki ran on those teams with Kiwi handlers.

Emily currently competes in USDAA, UKI, and AKC (a very small amount of the latter) with Josie & Rikki.  

Josie has earned her ADCH-Platinum, and now runs in Performance/Preferred/Select 16". She is pretty much the best dog ever, in every way. 

Rikki is a 3-time medalist at the UKI US Open. Her motto is "If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough."  She is an absolute thrill to run, and the world's best snuggler in her down time.



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